What Soaps By Sheryl customers are saying.............

 "I love the garden mint soap! Not only is the smell invigorating, but my skin as improved greatly since using it.  My acne is gone, and my pores have gotten much smaller as well".  Rebecca

"I've been using the Lavender Dream soap on my son for eczema and it has done wonders.  This is our new soap".  Connie

"I had a bug bite on my finger that got so bad I was going to have to go to the doctor.  I remembered I had your jewelweed salve and within 3 days the bite area had drastically improved." Shelley

"I consider myself to have very sensitive skin, but I have no problem using any of these soaps, they all work great!".  David

"I have psoriasis on my knees.  The Green Tea soap has really helped to keep it under control, it's not dry and itchy anymore". Tim

"I'm so excited to try your soaps.  My friend who lives in Georgia sent me the lemon lavender soap and I just love it.  Can't wait to try your other scents.  Thanks for making such a wonderful and natural product".  Julie

"I love the lip balms.  They are much more emollient than any I have ever tried." Monirah

"Just tried the body butter and love it.  Your products keep getting better and better". Sharon

"I love your products! Finally found products that agree with my skin." Jessica

"I call your green tea soap my "magic" soap because it has healed my skin that was permanently damage due to a poisonous spider bite." Tyler

"Your jewelweed salve works great on mosquito bites and your soaps are just beautiful." Ginny

"I have ezema on my hands. A friend just let me try your Jewelweed salve. It feels great." Pamela

"I love the patchouli sandalwood soap, seriously obsessed! You are clearly doing this soap right." Mike and Kimber

"Thank you for making such a high quality product, your Lavender Dream soap is amazing". Robin

" I have used everything on the market but your lip balms are by far the best. I have been trying to get rid of painful cracks in the corner of my mouth. After using your lip balm for 2 days they are almost completely healed." Mikki

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