On there own individual oils, with the exception of olive oil, cannot produce a good soap bar.  But combined, given their own unique properties, can make an ordinary bath into a luxurious bathing experience.  I make my soaps using a combination of oils because of these unique properties to make a hard, long lasting soap with superior moisturizing and stable lather.

Almond Oil - provides stable lather and skin conditioning.  Wonderful for dry skin, inflamed or irritated skin.

Avocado Oil - Rich in vitamins A, D, & E. Wonderfully moisturizing and excellent for folks with extremely sensitive skin.

Castor Oil - is an excellent additive in soap. It gives a good rich, creamy lather‚ and is a natural emollient that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Makes lots of bubbles in soaps.

Cocoa Butter - is the ultimate moisturizer.  Cocoa butter is a fat extracted from cocoa beans. It is used to keep skin soft and supple because it is easily absorbed into the skin.  It is good to sooth skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Coconut Oil - The health benefits of coconut oil in cold process soaps for the skin are wonderful.  The oil possesses antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. Coconut oil’s saturated nature resists rancidity and makes a very hard soap while producing a wonderful fluffy lather.  Coconut oil is an excellent cleanser.

Grapeseed Oil  - Rich in vitamins and minerals. Very light oil commonly used in massage oil preparation. Great for healing the skin.

Lanolin - fatlike substance obtained from sheep's wool, that is actually a wax.  Known to be effective in softening dry, cracked, chapped skin.  Easily absorbed by the skin and lays down a protective barrier holding moisture in.

Lard - made from  rendered pig fat. Good moisturizer for the skin and provides good lather and cleansing properties. Makes a nice white, hard bar of soap.

Olive Oil - A wonderful oil that forms a layer on the skin, preventing loss of moisture. It also produces silky bubbles in soaps.  Suitable for babies and the most sensitive of skin.

Palm Oil - made from the pulp of the fruit from palm trees.  It is very mild and cleans well and makes a hard bar of soap. All the of palm oil used in my soaps comes from sustainable resources.

Shea Butter - is expressed from the pits of the fruit of the African Butter Tree.  It adds moisture and nourishes the skin.  It adds skin conditioning emollients to soaps.

Soap Scents - There are two ways to scent a soap - one way is completely natural and the other is not. The 100% Natural process that extracts scent from the flower, leaf or stem of a plant results in an Essential Oil. Some scents cannot be collected naturally or may be too expensive to extract for soapmaking purposes. In that case, a Fragrance Oil is created in a Perfumer's Laboratory to simulate a scent - and that means it is an artificial scent, not a natural scent.

Any fragrances I use are FDA approved, very high quality duplications, that will be appreciated by both your skin and your nose. Many customers with skin sensitivities will be looking for either Unscented Soap or soap made with natural Essential Oils. If we scent a soap with a 100% Natural Essential Oil, we specify that clearly in the soap's description. Otherwise you can assume the soap is scented with fragrance. And if a soap is Unscented, we state that fact as well. Unscented soaps may still have a slight odor that reflects their ingredients, like goat milk or cocoa butter.

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